Home Builder Insurance

As a home builder, you have unique insurance needs. Capitol City Insurance has been working with home builders, developers and trade contractors for many years to provide those specific types of insurance. We are a member of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB) endorsed Builder Agent Network and work with the best insurance companies that write insurance for the home building industry in Texas.

Insurance policies are one of the ways to protect your company, however, you should consider using contracts with any subcontractors you may use. Additionally, you should require those subcontractors to carry insurance policies that have limits equal to the level of coverage you have.

Cost is a factor when considering your insurance program, and there are several key factors in determining those costs.

A question that is commonly asked is about “Construction Defect” Insurance. Defects themselves are rarely covered, although the resulting damage from that defect may be covered by a Commercial General Liability Policy, however, many of them do not.

Commercial General Liability Insurance is intended to cover bodily injuries and property damage to a 3rd party (the general public).

Builders Risk Insurance covers homes that you are building while they are under construction.

Workers Compensation Insurance protects employers from claims resulting from injuries to employees while on-the-job.

Commercial Auto Insurance protects the vehicles that are titled in the company name.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides an increase in the limit of your General Liability Insurance.

Hired/Non-Owned Auto Insurance protects your business when your employees are using their own vehicles while doing business on behalf of the company.

Some cities require Surety Bonds from builders before performing work in their city.